I met Etho....

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  1. Now, before I spaz all about meeting Etho, I am not a minecraft nerd, it's jsut a one time experience, may never happen again.

    I was playing on a PvP server, and then Etho logged in just randomly, and he has played on the server before, he said "Hi" to me and we engaged each otehr in conversation for maybe 2 minutes then he left.

    Here are some screenshots:

  2. 2012-12-15_20.24.26.png
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  3. Completely off topic, but I love that server.
  4. Nice, Now think of this... I know this may be crushing but you may have met a hacker! :eek:
    But on another thought... AMAZING!!! :D
  5. As do I, my friends and I go on it every now and then for a little fight :)
  6. Yes, I have been on that server for about over a month now. Jack, you haven't played on it for like 2 MOTNHS. =<
  7. Sort to crush your dream but I used to To run a server with a few friends and you can actually get a mod were you type in a command and you can present yourself as a mob or another player and no one can tell the difference, but you never know it could have been etho :)
  8. Nope, it was Etho. I can promise you this. He is a registered player on Project Ares.
  9. Then I sir envy you :(

    Etho is my fav youtuber :(
  10. I have on alts. :)
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  11. Just loving the second picture where he's getting swarmed by fans. That's the downside to being famous XD
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  12. I used to go on a server that inthelittlewood went on, that was kinda nice. :)
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  13. Ooh, a PvP server where Etho and fellow EmpireMinecrafters plays? Nice.
    If that really is Etho, I must say you're really lucky to meet him.
    I kinda envy you, he's a really awesome youtuber!
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  14. Bunches of famous people play on that PvP Server...
    and a bunch more... =P
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  15. Unhost
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  16. I like the person who said "ETHO!!!!!!! OmG my god! oh m god!"
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  17. I know this isn't allowed, but can you pm the server name :D? (IP)
  18. Im currently completely jealous... Since I just logged into the (Hopefully right server) recently before.. You could have mentioned me to him D:

    If it was Delta.. Id jawdrop more...
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  19. Who's etho?
  20. Go to Youtube... Now, and discover