I make texturepacks!!!

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  1. Hey EMC today I got an app for making textures (yes it cost 1.99)
    So I didn't take pics but it will look nice
    So here is some things that may be in it:
    • lighter grass
    • no multi colored stuff (may change)
    • errors
    Also I will need your full email ( don't worry I won't spam or use your information, trust me I'm to young ;) )
    Also I can't edit horses
    Here is how I want you to rate this if you got a texture :
    * not what I wanted AT ALL :(
    ** ok but needs improvement :/
    *** its good but is funky :)
    **** cool enough to be on a site | cool |
    ***** Really cool I would use this every day!!! :D
  2. Also of you teach me how to read/write PMs that would be helpfull
  3. What theme( if any) is the texturepack?
  4. What you want
    • invert
    • zelda
    • witch craft
    • War craft
    • ETC
    I can even put EMC on a diamond block
  5. Oh smooth craft too
  6. How about a Pokemon texture pack? ( signature)
  7. Sig sorry nu :(
    Texture mabey me take a week or longer since I'm moving
  8. Oh well I'm not requesting just suggesting
  9. Ok but ill work on the pokemon pack now that you mentioned it XD
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  10. Cool, it will sure go well with the Pokemon mod
  11. Well I made the slime ditto and making the bat a purple zubat XD also eggs and spawn eggs are pokeballs I might make the armour look like ashes XD
  12. Good ideas
  13. I can take 1 more request right now so make it!!!