I Make Minecraft Intro's for Youtube

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  1. Yes, i do know the jist of things in After Effects. I can do just typical intros and minecraft intros, i had my minecraft intro and it was in bad quallity. But my new one is Up in 1080P

    Example 1:

    TroubleBoy145's Intro of Budderyness!

    If you would like an Intro Done, Please Submit your Stuff on this google docs page !

    HINT: These intro's are Free. I do not wish to take any money from these intro's.

    I will be working on more Examples soon!
  2. erm the videos don't work for me...
  3. Do you have a internet blocker?
  4. You apparently have embedded viewing disabled for your videos. I clicked watch them on youtube and they worked.
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  5. Sorry about that, there was this hater posting on my stuff and i didnt really want him posting or embeding my videos... :/