I made this in SP...

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  1. I just made this for my server's spawn in SP. (I'll be importing the map over to the server files) It took me about an hour. It then took another half an hour to render in chunky, and then I just stopped the rendering because my laptop was going extremely slow.

    Anybody want an in-game screenshot?

    Also, you spawn in its head, and the tutorial is in its body. You leave through its udders.
  2. lol
    whats your server about?
  3. Mooshrooms :p
  4. want to PM me the world save file and the coordinates? i can render it for you in no time.
  5. So your creating a mooshroom kingdoom? Pssshh, thrtrufflehunter won the auction and he might share some of his milk to ya, if he/she isn't lying.

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  6. Holy crap thats amazing. You need to show this to i like a pig
  7. You leave through its udders.
    Seems legit.
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  8. Nice ;)
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