I made something for bloodra1n's birthday... but did you???

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  1. I as a friend of bloodra1n decided to make a monument for his birthday and I wanna see what you can make for him, he does own the famous 9000 shop in SMP4 so come on people show some gratitude make something for him

    Just like i did:
    Here and Here

    If you have any best wishes send them to this thread


    p.s: Happy Birthday BloodRa1n
  2. Happy Birthday BloodRa1n :D

    I hope you have a great day and have all your birthday wishes come true.
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  3. This is amazing Crazi, thanks a lot!

    Today I'll be going to all server spreading happiness with free cookies on /town!
    Keep your eyes on the chat and be there to catch some of those delicious cookies!
    We're going to have a good time together :D
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  4. Happy Birthday Bloodra1n.... :)
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  5. My birthday is August 30th! ALmost twinsies! Happy Birthday Blood!
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  6. Happy birthday!
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  7. My birthday IS on August 30th! Timedifference.. Got to love it! ^^ Happy birthday to you then Piggehh :p
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  8. :D
    *Happy Birthday to you!
    *Happy Birthday to you!
    *Happy Birthday dear Bloodra1n!
    *Happy Birthday to you!
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  9. Happy birthday!!
    Ps. I like your shop, why is it under construction?
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  10. Thanks!

    And my shop is under construction because we made more floors, and we're going to sell every item of MC.
    That way we can serve more people and serve them better. It takes some time, but it will be worth it in the end :)

    EDIT: Only legitly obtainable blocks :p
  11. What about bedrock?
  12. It is unatainable as so for Sponge and the End Portal.
  13. and fire and water blocks
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  14. really soon i will hate bdays because bdays are when your are a bit closer to your final destination :/
  15. going a bit depressing now aren't you?

    This is a time for celebration for BloodRa1n
  16. lol no just sayin
  17. Happy Birthday!
  18. Happy birthday mai buddy!