I m confuzzled...

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  1. Sooo i dont know... i started making a HL2 Playthrough ... after around the 35 th (?)part i heard only G-mod vidsa are alloved to be up by valve i dont know if thats over or still the case
  2. Mabye e-mail Valve and ask for permission, good luck.
  3. You should always email the game developer before starting a series on yt for permission. Include a link to your channel and a short description of your channel's focus. ie what genres/games you play, your viewer base size/age range. Things like that. And whatever response, positive or negative, print out hard copies and save multiple copies on different storage devices in a place they won't get lost or stolen. Just in case of strikes
  4. ... i asked them about half a year ago ... still no anwser
  5. Permission? phh they should be thankfull for the free advertisement
  6. Valve and Mojang are companies that are glad for people to make videos with their product. :)
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