I love Ramen! Anyways I'm building a Japanese Themed City.

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  1. Hey its me again. Trying to build up my "how many people know of me merits". I'm working on a cool Japanese themed city. No, I'm not some random person who just had an idea, I speak Japanese and I hope to visit over the summer. You can find my survival version on YouTube by searching ThereRnoBirds and watching it. Please like the video and post a comment telling me what you think. I'm accepting donations. I'm a gold member ( its awesome! ) so I get 700 r every day, but to pay for labor and funds for items you can't find in the wild, I'll need some extra. You can visit my residence at Smp6 at 12046, or simply /v ThereRnoBirds. I can't remember my new Utopia I.D., but just do /v ThereRnoBirds-2. Thanks! I especially say thanks to Gassy_Platypus for helping me with the water, and other stuff, and also Pwncess for helping me dig rivers. Thanks EMC! Tell me what you think
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  2. Visit my res Smp3 6070 and tell me if you want me to help
  3. Advertising on other people's threads isn't cool..
  4. Well the I'd better change my signature! Lol but would you rather me PM him my request for him to see my res?
  5. I guess signature's okay, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't care..
  6. I just wanted him to see my res because I'm pretty good with Japanese architecture... I just wanted to help...
  7. Hasorko has an awesome japanese castle on SMP3 if your needing any inspiration.
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  8. K thanks. I've already designed a pretty cool village that suits my standards on single player. This is a super enlarged version with extra specials. If anyone sells NetherBRICK or NetherFENCE please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Sure I'll come by and check it out!
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  10. Oh I see, I thought you just were one of those kids with 6x6x2 wood hut shops :) I apologize.
  11. It's ok :)
  12. Me want to help please can i
  13. Sure. My Internet is down. Within 2 days I'll have new DSL internet and I'll be able to play. I can use my phone as a hotspot, though but I get billed for every 1 gig. Let me know what you'd like to do. Buildings? Supplies? Let me know. Also, remember to watch the video I have on YouTube on what the thing is supposed to look like. See the top of this forum. Thanks. This goes for anyone who happens to be interested. Nyannyannyannyanssssssssss....boom
    TrolololololoHohoHahahHohoHahaTrololololololololololo! Yeyeyeyeyeyeohoho. troolololo
  14. I also agree with you. Slimes are too cute to be killed. Stop Killing Slimes!!
  15. Please check out my res at /v therernobirds-2 on Utopia. Today I've made great progress
  16. if your still looking for netherbrick and fence we sell it at 16008 on smp 8
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  17. I love to build Asian inspired architecture I have built tons of pagodas and samurais castles so please get back to me if you'd like my help
  18. Sure! Um. I haven't been playing minecraft in a few days but I'll come back today. Dungeon Defenders is just as addicting as minecraft. Do you have any EMC examples? I'd like to see them. Maybe you could upload a video of yours and reply. I can give you perms. Check out my video and my Utopia res at /v ThereRnoBirds-2 to see my style. I'd like many different styles so. sure. maybe we can get together at a time and watch eachother build and i can show you the 2 districts in which different purpose buildings will be built. Thanks
  19. No no emc examples and my single player work all disappeared or I cant find it sorry
    I'm usually n at 3:40- 5:00 or later on school days and any time on weekends
    Btw I checked your res really cool can I have perms and and equipment/ materials so I can build myself a house
  20. sure. make sure its japanese inspired so it goes with the theme. actually, i might make it so that everyone can have build perms on my res. like you have your own home. remember, NO GRIEFING. I CAN SEE....(seneca crane's beard will sense a disturbance) O.0so everyone can have their home. I'd like to show people where they can build. i'll set up fences. to have a home it costs 250 r. sorry but i need the funds to buy fences. and stuff...and beards....and more stuf.f..trololol. Thanks. i'll pm you a time to get on. what's your time zone?

    (Ps: Your argument is invalid.)