I love NF Thread!

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  1. Welcome to the NF Official EMC Thread
    Birth: March 30, 1991
    Albums: Moments; Mansion
    Occupation: Rapper

    NF is a rapper that I love so much. I personally love Notepad by him, and this was before MADDEN 16 found him. I made this thread so others may get to know him better and hopefully fall in love with his music! He has an instagram: nfrealmusic . So yeah, I will post a new song daily or just a picture of him.

    He considers himself a Christian Rapper but I believe this music is for any one regardless of religion.

    So, after this Intro of NF, here is his song "Intro!" that was posted on my birthday!
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  2. This was pretty great. I enjoyed it. If I listen to it more, I will learn to understand what he is saying. :p