I lost my cat in a haunted house?

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  1. So my gramps recently watched the latest episode of Dora were they go to a haunted house. He believed in ghost ever since and now I want to go to a haunted house to prove he wrong. I takes me feline because cat is good at smell supernatural thing. After we enter the door we notice many onion ring scattered across the floor. Me gramps immediately scream and scatter away to me 1962 model Chevrolet 45 millimeter engine round motor .71 edition moped. Me and my cat continue on to investigate in the kitchen. When we enter the kitchen we observe a moldy taco lying in the sink. My cat hisses an runs away. I chase after him into the laundry room, but when I enter the cat is gone. I realize he must have been taken by the spirits, so I leave to get backup. A week later I return with my friends from the hood. We look for me cat in the room he disappeared in, only to see my gramps eating a spaghetti salad. He scream loudly and run away. We chase after him only to get bombarded from Doopliss from paper Mario after gramps summoned him with a spell book he bought on Craigslist. We were thrown out of the house afterwards. What should I do to reenact this event in minecraft?
  2. Das just creppy man
  3. Two words to help you reenact this: ocelot and nick5013
  4. O no me dog got lost in the county dumpster how can I find him amonsst the rub age without getting cursed by John f Kennedy's ghost? Cuz I think JFK has owned the dumpster me dog got lost in, u no?
  5. Your trolling is almost funny, you'll get there though xD
  6. Still a better story then Twilight
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  7. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!