I log on and just freeze, cant play at all

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  1. I have been playying on EMC all day, and went off to do some homework and to eat. I come back on and I hear this firework/ explosion sound, I then lag to 0 fps and freeze, I t had been doing that for ten minutes and then said it was a memory error, I tried logging in again and it did the exact same thing. How am I meant to play
  2. You are probably on a bad computer next to some sort of spammy redstone machine, try directly connecting to another server
  3. Where did you log off?
    What SMP?
    If you can answer those we'll be able to help you faster :)
  4. At my res, smp1 815
  5. I can play fine on single player and on other servers
  6. Oh wow... I have a good computer and I crashed. You might want to PM senior staff...
  7. Ok I will do that, can you give me some suggestions to who I should tell, sorry I'm kind of new to the server
  8. Well it appears to be fine now, so try to join again.
  9. I've identified the problem, it's a continuous redstone clock. I'm trying to get a snr staff member to disable it, and then you should be able to join :)
  10. You are a bit late haha. ;) Res has +use and Rainbow already deemed it safe. :p
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  11. That explains why there was no fireworks, I guess :p
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  12. Thanks for the help guys