I`ll Work for you, No Limits!

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  1. So... I`ve been thinking, I'm pretty bored doing nothing on SMP2. I though, "Why not expand a bit, help some others?" If you need work, I`ll do it. No limits, and I`ll almost always accept the job! I can probably work with redstone well... But I`m good with animals and farming. Building is always fun, I`ll even dig out a section of your residence! (Of course... For the time being, I do not have supplies, sorry :( ) I hope you consider giving my business a shot, if you don't like my work, you don't pay :3 I negotiate prices at the beginning of the task, I usually settle for a mid-price to low. I won't ask for 500 for a redstone job, I mean really. I shear sheep for 10r per stack of wool, I`ll go lower if needed.

    My minecraft force updated me. Ask me your job, and give perms to penfoldex and 4theman. They get 50/50 of the pay, currently, so any job they do you pay them as I would have had no interactions with the jobs whatsoever. Thanks for understanding.

    Have a nice day!
    I am now hiring, as I see digging jobs consume time and shearing just as much. I`m looking to hire anyone who needs something to do, and we will discuss payment rates after done jobs.
    4theman Also assists, ask him if he`ll do jobs as well. (Currently, every job will be split in payment) If you give me tags, don't forget him (And vica versa)!
    Ok, one more thing... Leave your res. number in your post, I can't remember everyone's res.
    So... Make sure it's in your post or signature!

    The rate of this business is astounding... I need workers more than ever, if you can spare even a few minutes a day, that would be awesome. I can usually fit in wool jobs, just start a private conversation with me or my workers about details.

    Main Hand:
    Second In-Command:
    Worker: penfoldex (1/4th of pay from all jobs)

    (Forgot as I have... I am on SMP2. I don't know if there's a vault, or if I know how to use it, but anyways...Yea. Although,I do work on any smp server, including Utopia.)

    ONE last thing... If you request me to do something, please, PLEASE stay online while I`m actively working. I can't be going to 3 different tasks at once, while one person is impatiently nagging me to do theirs, after they got online after a break of sorts. If you need to leave, just tell me before you exit the server.

    Current Workings:
    1. jkjkjk
    2. VividOptimism (Forever Active, Until Further Notice)
    3. ANY wool jobs.

    On Hold:
    1. Terry
    2. Robot Chicken (Has not responded, Will terminate in one week)
    3. Tomato
    4. Gap

    Awaiting Payment:

    Paid and Completed:
    1.nickjwolde; 36 Diamonds, 3.4k (Dug out 3 rooms, about 36X40 wide)
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  2. hmm... i could do with a farmer and i need u to fix up a redstone bit on the farm, up for it?
  3. Of course, I`ll attempt the redstone and I can certainly farm. You`re on smp2?
  4. Can u supply me with diamond, iron ore, gold ore, lapis, redstone, coal
  5. 4417
  6. Can u dig out sections of my res? I may even give you a diamond kit if you do that..
  7. Can I supply those? Hmm... I do not have the required objects to complete this task, I`m very sorry. As soon as I get them, I shall contact you. How many of each do you need?
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  8. as much as possible
  9. If course. Is there a time limit, and how much of your res? (How deep, How wide.) Also, I do not have shovels... Sorry. I can supply myself with maybe 5 or 6 stone picks, but that's about it.
  10. I will supply shovels... I will PM you further details.
  11. How do you feel about digging out a (basically) 60*60*41 area of my res?:) I will provide cobble and sticks for shovel building, and i have MANY chests setup for dirt storage:)
  12. Hm. Since Terry seems to be offline, I will get right on it. Which server?
  13. When you have time I have a 10,000+ rupee job (sheep shearing) for you. I will supply everything.
  14. I have time right now. Everyone else is failing to respond to me, so I`ll get right on it. I`m at your res.
  15. Utopia 5210 I need to look up the command real quick. I'll meet you there now.
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  16. Oh, in Utopia? I`m not a paid member, very sorry.
  17. Just realized, I can still get on... Sorry. xD
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  18. This isnt the highest priority:) Do vivids work first, and then we can discuss payment on ym job:)
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  19. Sorry, I`ll have to shear quite a number of sheep before getting to you. Don't worry, you`ll be next :)
  20. I`m ready, meet me on... SMP5