i like info about a hp server rack for transporting servers on planes

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by daanhu, Nov 20, 2023.

  1. i dit purchace this rack in trade for a cople bottles of beer
    its a case were u can put in a server system and move it this 1 was used for transport in planes i tink or thats waht the guy told me
    the ting is i tink this is maybe somting special u need to be a tech company for to order
    i like to also know if any 1 knows wahts the new new price for these or maybe a price this could cost if i dit buy this new note this 1 is out of 2006 if any 1 knows waht this is or waht a new 1 may cost im curious how good of a deal it got
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  3. ?????
  4. this was a little hard to spot but i just in stalled a cople of my 1 u server chasies and put some oder tings in there and realised ther was a case manufacturer on the box hafer cases from Taxas
    they were aperently hand made and they are new a ton of money like tiny 1s are alrady 600 dollars
  5. I suggest consulting google
  6. yea sorry i dit not notist the letterling on the handles
    but i tried googeling it begore knowing the name of the company but it dint show any sinulareties
    even after 2 hours