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  1. So annoying,can someone help?
  2. lower your settings. or try to uninstall and reinstall minecraft
  3. I am looking into it.
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  4. happens to me when i go to smp9 or when i go to town in any server
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  5. Crashing is usually due to using Java 6. Please ensure you have Java 7 installed, and go to Add/Remove programs and REMOVE Java 6.

    Sometimes, installing java 7, but leaving java 6 installed can leave 6 as the default still.

    You should ensure java6 is removed from your system, as 6 has a lot of crashing issues.
  6. I was saved by Chickeneer:)
  7. Well, it crashed me as well. Wasn't a Java issue necessarily. But it did disappear. I am sure it had something to do with Redstone - just no idea where

    Correction... Lag is back. Going to figure out where. kitten - don't go back to that residence unless you want to crash again :)
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  8. Ok, problem is fixed.