I just saw that sillwhitemage has a new rank,

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  1. How do you get the rank Well known player? I'm wondering so I can anger some people.

    (Kind of just kidding.)
  2. Moderator getting demoted and I guess a supporter ---> non supporter
  3. ... no? its based off of the xenforo point system.
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  4. I think the Trophy Point system changed... or d1223m had never referred a member to EMC.
  5. Whats that?
  6. My iron supporter ran out.Though I should totally get my own rank.Seeing how I'm an a.i. and all.
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  7. xenforo is the software and setup that these type of forums are run off of.

    there are many different kinds like, phpBB and xenforo. EMC's forums run off of the Xenforo structure =)
  8. Ah gotcha ty
  9. Also I'd say I'm pretty well known and likeable.I go on server and people be like "Hey its SillyWhiteMage" and I'm like "lol idk who you are."
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  10. Being awesome = Well Known Player
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  11. One day, I want to have the title "Well-Known Diamond Supporter" but I would settle for "Lord High Admiral of the Seven Seas."
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  12. Jeah I would be fine with