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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pokechamp70, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. hey, my username is pokechamp70 i joined january 2012. and i might need some mod help or something
  2. Welcome to the server, Pokechamp70, Just make sure you read the Empireguide and it'll steer you in the right place!

    Welcome once more!
  3. hi pokechamp! if you claim a lot on smp2 (or not) i will give u some goodies!im lot 4271. :)
  4. Welcome pokechamp
  5. but but but...I want to be the poke champ...
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  6. You'll never be the pokemon champ! I shall be the pokemon champ! I'll earn all the gym badges and defeat every pokemon and pokemon trainer around every region! *after defeating Giratina pokechamp70 appeared* *thecontroller battles pokechamp70* *thecontroller is defeated*

    I'll get my revenge!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! If you need help read the Empire Guide then feel free to ask if you couldn't find the answer there. The community is great and will help out. Hope you enjoy EMC!
  8. Welcome to EMC Pokechamp :)
    I found a babulsar, charmander and squirtle on smp2 ( idk who's house :D )
    Wanna come take a look?
  9. Welcome to the Empire pokechamp70!
    Hope you have a great experiance on the Empire. . . If you need help with anything I would firstly ask in town chat, Then check out the empire guide, if that doesn't work check out the Minecraft Wiki, if your still having trouble browse or post on the Minecraft Forums! If these dont work there are many many more things you could do!
  10. Smp4 FTW!