I just hate it.

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  1. If you create a new youtube account now, you will have a LOT of problems with EVERYTHING in your account, i just HATE the new youtube. I HATE it :mad:
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  2. Mine is through my gmail. What are they doing with it now? Last I heard they were removing "dead" accounts and people were losing likes and subscribers.
  3. Its like, you want to put an username like Sangsmung32 and you cannot, or you need to make an application for it that takes like a month to be created, you cannot post comments unless you have Google+, and your real name will appear. It is uh, so bad the new youtube.
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  4. This is if you just want to create a youtube, i didnt try creating a gmail, ill try it in a sec.
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  5. Than only your username will appear.... :D
  6. But you need to create a google+ account to be able to comment now so that sucks...
  7. I didn't, although I am on youtube for more than a year xD
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  9. "Hate.... is a strong word." ~ a adult said to me
    and i was all like "That's bull."
    They said, "You can't hate something, you can only strongly dislike something."
    "You don't know how I feel! Shut up!"

    Don't you hate it when adults think they know how you feel about things? Like if you HATE something?...
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  10. yup
  11. You do know youtube is a company run by google right? Companies want you to use their products. Just look at microsoft, making xbox live use internet explorer.