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  1. Okay, so this is a little late. Well, it's my 400th post so it's quite a lot late but AlexChance's was later :p Anyway, I've decided I'll actually introduce myself. If you're a SMP1er (my home server) and know something about me that I've somehow forgotten then feel free to add it. :) Anyway:
    1. My name's Jack
    2. My skin looks like me
    3. I've been on EMC for about 1 1/2 months
    4. I've been a gold supporter since the 1st of June
    5. I run the EMC wiki
    6. I don't like cheese
    7. I love you all :) excluding SillyWhiteMage who I only vaguely like
    Ok, so it's quite brief and un-descriptive but meh, it will do.
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  2. You don't like cheese? Your dead to me.
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  3. I have know who you were from the wiki for a while. Also, what is bad about cheese? I have an entire outfit dedicated to it.
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  4. I hope you don't move to Wisconsin.
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  5. People keep jacking my line. Also you look like a generic white male?
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  6. Lol, I just can't bear the stuff. It's taste, it's smell, everything! xD
  7. Cheese = gone off milk
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  8. I look like me :p Anyway, the OP is now updated to account for you. :)
  9. Well I still love everyone here( including you.) Which means you are a hater.
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  10. I hate cheese to
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  11. Tomato cheese is the best ;)
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  12. Dont gt me wrong here, i enjoy the community, but i perfer to work alone a lot.
  13. Wow. It seems as if EMC has some cheese haters.
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