I just got reported

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  1. Right, I was just reported for destroying a monster spawner, some guy whispered me telling me he had a snapshot... but I didn't do anything? I was putting out some fire (which I died from, sadly) at some building on SMP1. If its the fire I got reported for, I shouldn't get in trouble for it! I didn't start it, and I died trying to put it out.

    I just wanted to know if there was a way for admins to clarify who is responsible for what, because I don't want to get banned for trying to do the right thing
  2. Well was it his monster grinder's spawner?
  3. He would have to report you, and then have documentation of you doing whatever he is reporting you for. If he's got the screenshots or whatever to support it, then chances are you'll have to appeal when you get banned. If he doesn't, which it sounds like from your side that he shouldn't, then I wouldn't be worried.
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  4. You usually don't get banned from only one report. Second you won't get banned from destroying a monster spawner people might be mad at you but you won't be banned.
  5. I think that would depend. If someone has obviously put work into building a structure around the spawner, I'd see it as griefing - ie bannable. If its just a random spawner, that's just like any other block, break it if you want.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. If a mod contacts you about it, you can discuss it with them.
  7. Even if you did get banned and you were trying to appeal it, this is the improper place
  8. He is not saying he has been banned as of yet. Only asking if he might be.
  9. Wasn't trying to appeal it, was just trying to figure out what sort of process I'd have to go through.
    Now, I have all the information I need. I'll just go about my business as usual