I just got griefed

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  1. Some lowlife just came in and killed all of my villagers including my infinite paper on SMP8.

    Took me forever to get everything set up like that. All gone.
  2. Please message a moderator, you can find a list of them at http://empireminecraft.com/XenStaff/ Pick a moderator and start a conversation with them about it and they will do what they can to help you! :) Sorry to hear you got griefed.
  3. What he said.
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  4. Report the guy to a mod. Do you know his name?
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  5. they despawned, you are over the entitycount in that area
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  6. This. Type /entcount and make sure you aren't over the limit. If the number is pretty high to the limit then the system probably deleted the entity because you had too many of them.
  7. If u need supplies/help for restoration ill be glad to lend u a hand mate. Shame about that! hope the low life gets caught!
  8. Wouldn't that just despawn villagers over the entity count? rather than all of them?
  9. Well if there were too many entities then they all would despawn.
  10. Is it different in the wild? Because In town it doesn't work like that. I spawned 109 chickens by accident and only 9 despawned.
  11. Well yes, if he had *example* 110 entities then 10 of them would despawn. Those 10 were villagers in this case.
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  12. I am pretty sure that they would only despawn if there were too many villagers. There were only too many cows.

    Edit: Navy, we should probably rebuild the cow farm on the other side of the pyramid. :p
  13. why would someone do that?! that is just not right to do, sorry man :(
  14. But seriously, someone should add this to a bug list, if you were not griefed. That is why I put the "do not eggify or kill" right in front of the infinite paper.
  15. your animals were at 250 plus 10 hostile mobs last i checked for a total of 260 entities so whatever the last thing you uneggied would despawn when you log off
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  16. Uneggied?

    /report SYSTEM It uneggied all my villagers! :(
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  17. uneggied as in placed :p
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  18. We didn't place any villager eggs. Also, villagers are utility mobs (correct me if I'm wrong) so the 194 cows should have despawned first because they are passive mobs.
  19. Villagers are considered passive.
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  20. Dang it Mojang!