I just found out something very disturbing [basically my first weekly rant]

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  1. As some of you know, or may not, it is International autism day, and it is all over the news. I was looking at some figures, 1 in 110 kinds in Australia, one in 88 in the states, and one in 55 in SK are diagnosed with the disorder. Those facts just shock me, i have numerous mental problems (although i do not have autism) ,and a twisted sense of humor,and it got me thinking, what would a world be like if we treated Physical illness and imperialism as we to mental ones:

    "bro, you just THINK you need insulin becous you can't deal with reality"

    "It is about high time you snap out of this "cancer" you have, it is you problem, not mine"


    You get the point.

    The more interesting part, autism is not covered my insurance, despite the fact that treatment is insanely expensive. We act like if you have something wrong with you head, you should be locked away, banished from society (and as history has told us, some take it to the extreme COUGH COUGH hitler COUGH COUGH), and it is not the government as in the case previously stated, is is the associations

    70% of people say they hear the word "depression", first word to come to mind is "weak"

    58% for autism, "outcast"

    87% for suaside, weak, selfish, sinner

    Agen, catch the drift

    And another thng that is not helping, is people who don not have the illness, poking at it,

    "i hate being bipolar, it is awsome"

    "i have to get out of bed and see PEOPLE, and DO THINGS''

    You have never been in our shoes, you do to know what we go though.
    Mental disease is, well, a disease. The thing about a disease, is they have a cure.
    Just needed to blow off some steam.
  2. In the United States that is untrue in fact, At least 31 states—Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin—specifically require insurers to provide coverage for the treatment of autism.

    The States that do NOT state they insure Autism actually do, They amended their laws to cover treatment for early childhood developmental disorders, which includes autism spectrum disorders. Other states require limited coverage for autism under mental health coverage or other laws.

    So all states must cover Autism it may just be under a certain category such as mental health or childhood developmental disorders. It may be different in other places, but i do know in my psychology class and health class most places do cover it unless you get free health care then that covers everything.

    Hitler was speculated to have a wide range of mental disorders and some physical, there is no proof after all considering he killed himself then they burnt his corpse. While the medical records they could find suggested a few like Parkinson's disease, professionals are still unsure. In fact Hitler was a great artist and leader but made all the wrong choices which does not mean hes psycho just sick in the head which are two totally different things. (i would know i hate half the human population and my brain is in good health)

    Some people do need to be "locked up" as you put it. Most Institutions are not dark, dreary, with patients locked in their room 24/7 in chains, most are allowed to run around areas freely under supervision of a few doctors and nurses walking around. They can go out side play games eat with everyone at a table. There are some that do not get these privileges how ever because their illness sets them off to the point they will hurt themselves or others but they are still not locked up like a common criminal. Most mental patients are in Institutions because their family can not care for them, or they have no family at all and they can not live on their own. If both my parents were dead and pandas had a mental disorder where she needed to be watched I can not stop my life just for her. I would have a husband, job, and children to watch out for but i would visit her and take her out of the institution when i could.

    Information from: 2 years of psychology, 1 year of health, 3 years of college history, and Nationally directed websites.
  3. My best friend has bipolar. She is bullied because of that. And that makes me angry.

    I decided to confront somebody about why they do that after school a few weeks ago. They said
    "Because it means she's a retard and retards deserve to be bullied"

    I have never punched somebody so hard in my life. I bruised his bone and partially crushed his cheekbone.
  4. You feel outraged at the injustice of discrimination, misunderstanding and abusiveness due to mental or emoitional illness. You are right to feel that way. I share your feeling. I do not share your need to post a rant.
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  5. Good job.
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  6. I know this, and have done recherche in the field. He turned a county with hyper inflation, to an empire that control almost all of Europe in a few years. He is not as bad a leader as history paints him, and other nations (cough cough us cough cough) are also accountable for discrimination, just not to the extreme.
  7. run flamewar.exe
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  8. The funny thing is the school never found out somehow...