I just downed 3 marlix in 20min.

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  1. Three Times you say?

    Yes the Title says it all - Three marlix downed within 20min of each other. All near the same area. Gawadrolt, Letsdefeatdahuns, and myself had it out with the hard to hit flying-nuisance.

    The funny and odd part was that as we got separated from Letsdefeatdahuns - Gawa and I continued pressing the attack against one of the Marlix... Only to see another Marlix fairly close.

    I happen to game directly next to Letsdefeatdahuns in real life; She thought she found us again cause she saw "marlix". We were stunned and excited.

    Onward we pressed, with no screenshot to show - It was Ridgebeam who downed the third Marlix; the loot... His bow.

    Just wanted to share some of the TONS of fun I just had with everyone else!

    Good gaming Huns and Gawa!

    Gloating: :cool:

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  2. gloat no more sir. I was playing you up about this adventure then turns out you were taking selfies while i was being shot to death XD lmfao

    Was a ton of fun. crazy that the two days i play with you we kill 4 marlix lol.

    edit: your gear looks a bit better this time :p

    Second edit: Get a momento from our trip and have a piece of our adventure. shameless advertising incoming: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-marlix-leggings-and-helm.58433/
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  3. I love when you defeat a Marlix and feel proud.

    EDIT: I killed my first Marlix a week ago and now I have killed over 6....
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  4. Good job, I've never downed that many in such a short time :confused: One reason being that I rarely seem to travel out to the wild/waste, the other being that when I did, spawns for the minibosses were not very frequent :rolleyes: Congrats on the loot also!
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  5. Awesome job on killing over 6, Tahitan! Where about have you found him most? I typically hang around /waste SE and head west, then proceed to slay mobs all night and day.

    Thanks for the salute, FDNY21! I am still less than two weeks old on EMC... finding my way just fine :) - Very enjoyable.
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  6. I hang on SMP4 and I mostly just hang out by the waste spawns, But my favorite is if the Marlix spawns at a Jungle Biom it is easy to kill them because they will get trapped from the trees.
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  7. Nice, Yea ... of the three I downed tonight, one of them happened to stumble into a rather large, and convenient cave (for me) after I landed about 7 sharpshooter arrows to his knee...:D I finished Him off with several clicks to the skull - I happened to have loot 1 on my sword... plus a few other perks ;)
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  8. Glad to hear you had some fun! Marlix can be annoying, but it is certainly satisfying once you successfully bash his head in. :p
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  9. Haha - Thanks Hashhog - Your right about that one. Letsdefeatdahuns already wants to hunt him more!