i hope this will never happen to you

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  1. today, i got betrayed by the two_faced titobanana. he said that he will make a cobble gen for me for free, so i gave him 4 piston and a stack of redstone and 2 stack of cobble. And .. he log off ...

    i hope that it will NEVER happen to u
  2. i the end it happens that his dad was checking if he's playing games, so he had to log off
  3. maybe his internet died?
    edit: lol, guess his internet was killed XD
  4. It was not a natural death
    It was an act of MURDER.
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  5. I suggest the following:

    a) If you are going to trust someone, verify its "credentials" (fame on the server/time being/etc)

    b) Cobble generators are too damn easy to make, you can go to youtube.com and look for the one that suits you the best.

    c) IF anything else fails, you can contact me, i can make any kind of generator for you as long as you provide the mats and I'll gladly do it for free

    d) Dooont stop.... Believing!!!! :cool:
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