I havent been able to log into minecraft dont kick me from plot if i dont get on soon

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by brodietumbleson, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. I am sorry for asking this it hasnt gotten to that point yet but ive been trying but i cant log into minecraft so i havent been able to get on
  2. You have 10 day's before they even think about it, Your last login was 2 days ago :)
  3. i know but ive tried all i can for those days but it wont log into minecraft at all all ive been able to do is play offline
  4. how long does it usually take before it will let me log in again
  5. You've probably been hacked.
  6. i dont think ive been hacked though
  7. I have problems loging too, error "bad login" anyone knows why?