I have took up the Minecraft art of making huge minecraftians.

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  1. I have found out that I enjoy making huge minecraftians from the You are Minecraft event/thing, so I have started making them in SC! I have so far made my first one! It is made in the same dimensions as the ones in YAM.

    Here are some pictures!

    The hat isn't very good, as its my first hat. It is not based on a skin, but most of them wont be based on a skin. I am NOT taking requests ATM. Please tell me what you think!
  2. Its legit, in a legit kind of way. Make more!

    Battle scenes? Mobs? Tools? BIGGIFY!!!
  3. Its legit in the sense that Mrlegitislegit made them, NOT that they were made in survival mode. :D
  4. I made a new one!

    I made her to close to the other one, so I guess he has a girlfriend!
  5. I have remade my YAM minecraftian into SC, so when the sever is taken down, or the event is over, I still have it!

    The only thing missing on it is the fire eyes and the fire on the TNT, as it will spread and burn down my statue
  6. My newest one. (Its getting lonely on here. :(

    The glass is their arms are were glow stone goes. I am thinking about making this into a downloadable map.
  7. Nice work mate.

    Btw, have you seen Yapzi 's creation on smp6?
  8. It took him 3 hours to make ONE Steve? Either I don't put enough time in, or he takes awhile to make his stuff.

    Also, if anyone makes some racist remark about me building a black women with two guns, I hope you get banned.
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  9. Have in mind, he didnt do it in creative. No offence mate :)
  10. Good point...