i have to share!

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  1. i took this photos of my son, Nikolas today. he's the best thing i could have ever been given in life, i uploaded them off of my camera this afternoon, to fall so in love with them. these photos are so precious i had to share them.

    he's got my eyes, and i love it, the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, melts my heart.. the love he shows me every day makes life worth living.
    life, is worth it because of him. i'll keep fighting for it as long as i can. i'm so blessed to have such an amazing boy.
  2. Pretty eyes you've both got there :)

    Good Job.
  3. You've got to love the little ones. I know where your coming from :) .
  4. He has my name!
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  5. Awww so cute.
  6. :3

    He looks soooo much like you in that third picture. It's crazy
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  7. Awwww. Even I melt in the cuteness :3
  8. Awwwwwwwwwwww.
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  9. Kids -_-
  10. Not even these pictures make me want to make me have a little crying poop machine.

    "Kids are great, I like mine bar-be-qued." - Bob Hope
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  11. <3 Aww, he is soo cute :p
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  12. He is beautiful :)

    P.S May I also say nice camera!
    P.P.S Don't miss-click one of the images as it will just consume the screen :)
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