I have to drop my gold status... ='(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ComradeGrumbles, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Unfortunately, school and work now prevents me from putting in much time on EMC. I know that I will be dropping my gold member status to save some money, but I may still remain as a free member. This is the best server I've ever played, so I hope to be able to put a little time in on the weekends for as long as possible.

    All of that said, many of you may have seen my second lot, and the massive (yet unfinished) hotel left there. It is quite possibly my greatest creation, as far as architecture goes. The purpose of this post is to find out if there is any way of giving that lot to somebody else. I'd hate to see it disappear with my member status, especially since it only has a floor or two left to go.

    I'd love if that lot could be given to somebody with the skills and desire to finish that building, and keep it in it's full glory, towering over the skyline.

    3490 on SMP2 is the res number for anyone that would like to see this.

    I know this is probably a tall request, since lot trading is not a feature supported by EMC as far as I know. I'm just hoping that maybe there is another gold or diamond member out there with an empty lot-slot left that could foster my second lot.

  2. Right now you dont loose your res after you drop ur supporter status. It will just stay the same. You just couldnt claim a new second res if you would unclaim that one. This however will not stay like this forever. Once the changes are being made there will be information about that. But right now you dont have to worry about your second res.