I have returned after my 1 month training session in Ft. Polk LA

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  1. Hey everyone, I have been gone for approximately 29 days now... I was forced to go to Fort Polk, Louisiana for a 28 day pre-deployment training session. I hated LA with a passion. I would rather never even enter the air space again, but I will probably go back and explore the nice parts in the future to get a valid opinion. ;)

    Anyway, a lot of things have happened in the last month... My wife's Visa was denied for another 10 months and I was paid $.00 this payday.. I am now $800 wasted on the embassy and not able to do much but I plan to visit my wife kids and pets from 1-15 July if everything works out, but I am not sure it will right now... I will know for sure when I will try to take a vacation to be with my family...

    Anyhow, I am back and will be reintegrating into the community over the next few weeks before and after my vacation. :)

    Well, I have been up for nearly 24 hours and it is 0130 now.. I need some sleep.. :)

    See y'all around soon enough. I am super excited about 1.3 coming out soon. It will be amazing, although a large increase in Moderator duties for a while but I enjoy the work. :D
  2. Well, welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about all of your hardships-I've seen the effects of credit card denials before. Good luck with fixing this all up!
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  3. Glad to have you back Twitch!
  4. I hope that everything gets better but welcome Back :)
  5. you finally became a ninja...
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  6. Welcome back.
  7. lol hes not talking about a credit card XD Hes talking about an immigration visa
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  8. That sucks about wifes visa :(
    Lets hope it eventually gets sorted out. Great to have you back though. :)
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  9. Lol this was this first thing that popped in my head when I saw a 1 month training
  10. Thanks everyone. :)
    Happy Father's Day to all those who have children. :)
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  11. My mommy is taking her Dad to some restaurant called the crazed chicken. xD
  12. Welcome Back Twitch!

    If you went for pre-deployment training, does this mean you are on the list to go overseas? I'm an AF vet myself and got out before all this mess started. I hope this training was just for..."training" and not for actual deployment.

    Well, hope everything gets on the right path for you and your family. Good Luck!
  13. Glad to have you back! :)