I have reached 1.7.2 lands

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ni_, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. not first but not last :3

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  2. Yay, broken terrain! :D
  3. Soo is wastelands getting reset?
  4. I am in 1.7 lands as well.
    Already got all the new flowers AND dark wood :p
    Snow-capped mountains look cool on the live map
  5. Yes, soon
  6. Yes it is but i ran to some unloaded chunks to get ahead. I've got a bunch of new flowers :D
  7. Look, Dark Forest 2013-12-10_17.44.58.png
  8. Why oh why did I not bring the silk touch pic >.<
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  9. Found a witch hut on Smp3
    Turns out they are made of dark wood now
    Edit: I did f3+A and the chunk borders reset themselves, so did the type of wood the hut was made out of. It went from dark and an oak roof to all oak and spruce
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  11. Just got a bunch of Acacia wood and sapplings :D So excited for this!