i have no idea what to name it :D

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  1. HELO emc community and yes before you ask i will post pictures when i get some :D but i have a mission and 1 month to complete it :D i am making a arena on smp8 my home world and i have node what to name it so u decide :D name with the most likes wins fair play pls no alts and no cheating :D

    so before i go on or update this i started on christmas digging out a res and finished 3 months latter and the arena has 4 themes nether and utopia haven't thought of the other 2.... so u decide :D

    arena name
    side themes
    and ign
    good luck :D

    Some people want to watch the world burn and then there is me the crazy guy with kerosene burning everything just to c the beautiful colors
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  2. What kind of arena?
  3. a minigame arena
    thinking of basic games for now
    such as fire floor spleef horse racing ect
  4. BUBp :D come on creative people make a name :D
  5. Arena names :

    The Crazy Derby
    99 sports on 1 res
    Planet Sportness
    The Sport Stars
  6. nice suggestions :D
    anyone elese
  7. Stone Slab Arena
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  8. chose a famous emc person! like shelL! ShelLuser arena! he would have to come for opening ;)