I have made a sport in empireminecraft (6233 on smp3)

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Will you visit the Mineathalon

Yes 10 vote(s) 83.3%
No 3 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. At 6233 on the server smp3 i have made a Mineathalon which is basically a race with bunches of obstacles. The grand Prize is 100 Rupees! There is a winner every time!

    P.S. Please Don't hate. I dislike the people that say stuff that just brings people down. this is a forum, not an insult contest.

    the screenshots you asked for: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72329218@N08/sets/72157628457586509/
  2. Sounds fun. :) When I'm not busy on smp3 I'll be sure to stop by.
  3. Yes this sounds cool I will check this out when I do my rounds :)

    I moved this thread to community creations and you should add a couple screen shots :) :)
  4. I would definitely do this over and over again if it was on smp1.
    Wish you had your res at smp1......
    But well, well:)
  5. Public displays of hate are frowned upon here, and could end up getting the hater banned.

    So no worries there. ;)
  6. I think I'll come to smp3 actually...
    Just to try this marathon thingy:)
  7. thanks but people hate at all the posts i see
  8. I like it when people make and host minigames other than spleef. Very nice work ;)

    Is it a one-way run, or must players make the run in one way, get a redstone torch, and then come back and plant it on a podium ?
  9. Sounds cool - I have actually never played any games at a res before... i see chat about gambling and light machines and spleef (whatever that is...) all the time, but they never interested me. But a RACE sounds like fun! I will be sure to stop by when I am off next week and have time to play, but till then screen shots would be appreciated! :D
  10. Basically, spleef is a game where 2 or more players destroy blocks on the ground in order to make their competitors fall in a pit. It has many variations.

    But I guess the wiki guys explain it better

    And can I ask you a question: are you a 40k Plague Marine fan, by any chance, or read the Black Library ?
  11. LOL everyone asks me about 40k - I played years back as Chaos, before Daemons were their own army, and I used to love plague marines. I have never read any of the fluff books though, and mostly I am a Fantasy player... still play games about once a month. I have been playing Fantasy since 4th ed. and used to play dark elves, skaven and dwarfs, but lately I am playing only warriors of chaos and occasionally high elves. Nurgle is my favorite and I like themed armies, so I choose to use his mark for most units. NurglesRott (a misspelling from my childhood which I keep out of nostalgia) was my favorite spell back in the old days of herohammer, and I use it as my online name for everything from forums to xbox live and Dawn of War. Thanks for asking! :D
    Do you play any Warhammer?

    PS: now you have me interested in spleef and I'm going to have to try a game of it! :p