I Have It All! And Buy It All!

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  1. You can find a place to buy and sell most everything at /v 405.

    I have thin margins on most things. I also made them thinner recently.

    Also, if you get a customer or supplier to PM me that you referred them, you can get 25r each.
  2. i will have mall for most item selling and buying so i will tell u when it is build so u can come to smp3 (i will tell u the res number)!!!
  3. Please don't advertise on on other peoples threads. :[
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  4. Not to mention that isn't how things work. First, have products to sell. Then sell them. First, have a shop set up. Then buy things. If you haven't even built your mall, you can neither buy nor sell.

    If you feel you are capable enough to keep a good stock of key items (sandstone, xp bottles, diamonds, glass), then why not help an existing shop. I'd be perfectly happy paying you a reasonable retail rate on those items, which often go out of stock. You can make the same money, without having to build any shop at all.
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  5. Prepare to get a lot of iron very soon.
  6. Prepared. ^.^