I have began work on a small country.

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  1. It's called Legitnation, and it doesn't even have a town yet. (It has a start of one!) I am doing this in superflat with generate structure's off. The city will be named Legitcity. (Its the capital.) As I will need more towns to fill this, I am looking for town ideas. Nothing to big and complicated please. I have a few stock ideas for towns and city's but I can't fill them all with farm towns.

    The start of the town.
  2. An underwater town would be pretty cool. With a town in the air above it.
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  3. THAT, would take forever for me to build. I will think about it.
  4. You didn't say it had to be easy. just not complicated :p Underwater buildign is easy peasy.
  5. I know it wound't be hard, it's just that in super flat, its not that easy to make it look good.
  6. True. You could make a spiraling town. with a flat area at the bottom, then a spiral staircase to the next tier. Whiterun-esque,
  7. You could make like a super mega town underground and its all dark but with the new glowstone lamps u could make it light up in one switch :D
  8. Its super flat...
  9. Oh yeah :L
  10. Now is this in single player?
  11. Yep.
  12. Ok, maybe like a huge regular town then on top of a mountain just outside the town walls a huge castle
  13. Here's some pics of The bank of Legit!

  14. Looks nice!
  15. Thanks! It wont be the most detailed City ever but I'm not going to make it all out of dirt either.
  16. Yah... A town made out of dirt....
  17. The newest building, Justin's is now done!

  18. Do you mean Justin as in "JustinGuy?" if so I want a building!
  19. *Has idea* 5R please. :3
  20. Never mind, yours will be free! :)