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  1. Green_Mystery is now up there with Aikar on my favorite Moderator list :D I GOT UNBANNED!!!! First person to respond gets 1k rupees :D free diamond drop party next time im on!!
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  2. nice what server do you play on
  3. what server
  4. Good to hear your issue was solved LeGryff :) Welcome back.
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  5. I am banned for 6 days. don't know if i can take it
  6. I was there
  7. I'm banned for prob 30 more min :) , wat did u get banned for any way?
  8. Welcome back.
  9. 23 more minutes for you!
  10. his "brother" got him banned Probably not ^-^
    and you got banned for what XD
  11. Woot :) although it doesn't madder I was left in an old auto garage to take out some old hubcaps and won't be home for 3-5 more hours
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  12. And the very first thing you do, is shout, in ALLCAPS. Niiice.
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  13. Lol I didn't really think about it and wanted to see how good EMCs filter was ( I have been playing on a different server and people curse dispite the filter) and cursed lol, I forgot EMC has no filter XD, I understand y I was banned though, if people weren't banned for cursing then the server wouldn't be as famly friendly as it is :)
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  14. Welcome back! Make sure you re-read the guide and correct your past mistakes :)
  15. #$@^%&!!! It works here! Must just be in game that's unfiltered.
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  16. Corrected you, lol.
  17. Good job. You should enter in my Top 5 Creations Contest. Welcome back and make sure to read the Guide again and again and again and again and again and-