i have been griefed hard.

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  1. okay, so i log in to see my tree house in the wildy,
    lavad, on fire, item's in chest's been stolen, items in furnace stolen, and a sign saying GREF with a crafting table next to it.
  2. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do unless there is solid proof of a person griefing your property. Screenshots, chat logs -- those will help. Without them, we can't take action against anyone.
    It's really unfortunate, but when playing in the wild, you always face the danger of being griefed. Lock your chests, hide your work to the best of your abilities. Mods are always on the lookout for griefers, and we're working to find ways to make EMC a safer place.
  3. griefers blow
  4. i might know who grifed you the workbench sounds like the workbench bandits ive seen many npc villag4e griefed with their names behind it i am not 100% sure but it is a posibility i will try to help you figure out who did this
  5. Well according to the sign you've been grefed, not greifed.
  6. obvious man is obvious although next time lock your chests build underground if possible mke houses out of obsidian thats the best way to grief proof