I have a slight problem....

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  1. My res has no bedrock. Talking with other people, they tell me theirs have bedrock in them. What is up with that? :p

    (I reached -100k :D)
  2. I think that, that is just lag.
  3. Not too sure. Perer visited my res and saw the same thing, and I have known about this for awhile now :p I just decided to bring it up now.
  4. Some residences have no bedrock, due to a glitch in the past. You can either reset your plot, or contact a senior mod / admin to fix this.
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  5. There was an error when claiming a res in some version of MC, than there was no bedrock, just ask a mod ro let him put the bedrock back

    EDIT: Zabriel strikes again!
  6. I see.... No way in heck I am resetting my res though D: I put too much effort into it to give up XD
  7. Just ask a mod to let him put the bedrock, there is no rset needed
  8. You have to contact a senior mod or admin for this.
  9. Yeah, I will follow Zabriels advice on this one :D

    ((I kid, I thank you both ;) ))
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  10. Same thing happened to me, I just asked Shaun to fix it. :)