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  1. I am by a zombie spawner that has been "torched" so none will spawn. Since this has been done, I know someone had found it before. I just wanna know if I can use it or if it is someones. This is on smp4 to the west I believe. Obviously it is underground and it is surrounded by cobble and moss blocks with two chests. I WILL NOT TOUCH IT UNTIL I GET AN ANSWER. I will also not disclose the location. If it is yours, you should know where it is.
  2. Leave a sign there saying that youve found it and see if anyone has replied in a week
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  3. Waiting a few days to a week is a great idea. I know that I always "light up" spawners whenever I find them, even if I never plan on using them again. It seems a waste to destroy them.
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  4. Can't you grab em? Or is it locked till destroyed?
  5. I have never found a spawner in my entire life on EMC, but my brother found a double spawner and made a battle arena for me and his friend.
  6. You can't pick them up. Even with Silk Touch. Plus, even if you could, it wouldn't work, because all the data that comes with the spawner (what mobs it spawns) gets deleted when you pick it up, and you can't reset it. So placing spawners just gives you a ton of pigs xD
  7. Their are pig spawners???
  8. Haha, not naturally spawning, no. But if you ever manage to get them, via TMI, Creative Mode, InvGrid, etc, then then whenever you place them they are pig spawners. Risugami made the Spawner GUI mod, which allows you to choose which mob a spawner spawns. It's not allowed on EMC, of course, but it is useful for practicing making grinders on SP.
  9. Silk touch doesn't work on spawners anymore, so no, no pig spawners :(

    Maybe they will again, tho -- Isn't Silk Touch going to work on ice again soon?
  10. Yeah, EvilSeph said that ice can be Silk Touched again in 1.3 :D
  11. So, I guess just make a grinder? It is a zombie one though.... And I don't remember the location XD
  12. If you don't know how, talk to someone who sells their grinder-building services, like Alex or kilmannan. I know that both of them do zombie grinders.
  13. I am dirt poor :p I would have no way to buy their services...
  14. A single zombie grinder is pretty simple. If you can't figure it out, send me a private message and I'll help you or link you to a couple of tutorials that will help.
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  15. I think you will now it... With your 244000 texp... :p
  16. I also deactivate spawners as I go. It very well could be one I've passed, as all my wilderness time on smp4 has been in the west. Posting a sign is a fair way to go about it. I don't see the harm in starting a grinder though.
  17. Yeah, me to, and there is a rule that you cannot claim coordinates or spawners, and sell them. So
  18. It isn't possible to take a spawner as an item, no.

    So it's good manners to light 'em up, and - if you don't want to play with it - leave it for others.

    That's what I usually do. I think I've found about 50, of various types - skeleton, spider, cave-spider, zombie, and blaze.

    A few, I've played with - but most, I've left just like the one you found. It may even be one of "mine"! But I doubt it; I usually take the mossy cobble.

    A lot of players - including me - would typically light it up, then carry on. They may or may not have made a note of the location.

    If you plan to make a grinder from it, then leaving a sign asking if it's OK for 1 week seems like a very good idea, to me.

    If nobody has responded after a week, I'd go for it.

    The fact that the person hasn't removed the mossy-cobble makes me think it's unlikely they want to do anything with it.

    There's a very good chance that the person who first lit it isn't interested in it - in which case, you'll be able to have fun with it, after a polite enquiry-sign and a few days wait!