I have a problem with my librarian villager trade

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  1. HI,

    I finally got a "fortune 3" enchanted book trade from a librarian villager, but few days later, when I come back to that the same villager, the trade is gone, the villager is now selling a different enchanted book.

    Is this a bug? I am sure that I didn't do anything to that villager. what happened?
  2. The villager's book trades will change occasionally after being traded with. It's goofy and annoying when you have a good book but that is how it goes
  3. Oh! what a pity, I worked real hard to get that trade.

    Thanks for solving my question, flamingpotato42.
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  4. What potato said.
    Funny thing, is that the higher the emerald cost, the more tendency it has to change to a lowered costing emerald book, when the trades 'reset'.
    Not a fun thing to go thru, so as always, get em while you can, but don't rely on the trade lasting forever!
    Good luck!
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  5. To elaborate slightly on flamingpotato42's answer:
    Every time a villager is traded with, the game checks to see if the trade is at its minimal input material cost. This is different for different trades, but consistent across all villagers (for example, the minimum cost to trade paper for emerald is 24, and for enchanted books it is 5 emeralds and a book). Every time it is determined that the villager does NOT have the minimum input material cost, there is a chance that it will decrease by a random number. This means that eventually, every trade will become as cheap as the game allows. For most trades, the item you get out of it remains the same in this process, you just have to put in fewer resources. This is a good thing. However, for any trade involving enchantments, the enchantments are randomly changed up until the lowest material cost is reached. Once the trade reaches the minimal input cost, the enchantments will stop changing.

    In short, your villager will always sell an enchanted book, but the enchantment on that book will change as the amount of emeralds it costs to buy that book decreases, until it hits 5 emeralds, where the enchantment will permanently stay.
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  6. Highlancer54 and Bemvino87, Thank you for the answers.
    looks like I shouldn't spent too much time on eggify and spawn these villagers.
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  7. Well, the thing is you have no idea when a trade could change. It could break after 2 trades or 2,000. One time, I had an Efficiency 5 book villager who I milked for at least 5 DC of books without it breaking. It's all about luck :)
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  8. I got an unbreaking 3 and was able to trade with it 7 times...