I Have A Major Problem

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  1. I was banned during the wild reset (dont wanna say why, please dont judge me either), and I was in the wild on smp1 and smp3, and have loads of valuables on each server, and I have NO idea where I or how to get back. I am in the nether on smp3 and am DEEP in the wild on smp1, I was wonder if I could be teleported back to spawn by staff. I know teleportation isnt allowed, but I did not get a chance to get back to town anyways :/
  2. I got banned in the wild from spamming.... PERMANETLY, but thanks to a moderator or adminastrator i was unbanned and my items were safe.
  3. yes sir! fyi: i edited the comment.
  4. Ok, i deleted my comment, and , good job on being unbanned?
  5. Yea, It said i was doing Automated spamming, What does that mean?
  6. I think it means the server thought you were using a program to continually spam.
  7. Yeah, I wish staff or someone with power could talk on here so I could be teleported home :/

    Im just gonna pm staff that is online.
  8. Well i didnt. So thanks to whoever unbanned me, you will be blessed.
  9. ...Why can't you walk to town?
  10. I might be able to in smp1, but on smp3, I am in the middle of the nether and am in a tiny cave and have no idea where to go, nor where to find a portal :/
  11. Sorry, we're unable to teleport people. You can use the live map though.
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  12. Ok, ill try to get out, find a portal, etc. :/
  13. Good luck Tshack..
  14. OH GOD, im under the huge lava pits at the bottom of the nether, im sc***ed XD
  15. haha, I hate lava....
  16. my solution to these kind of things it dying when all else fails :/
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  17. Is their anything I can do? I was banned while the map reset happened, and Im (guessing) like 30-50k blocks from spawn, and I have NO way of getting back besides spending a few days on the live map.

    I really dont want to be punished, but I haven't been on smp3 since before the map reset, I think it is a bit unfair, since I have almost no way of getting back :/
  18. Best bet is getting down coords, dying than return prepared
  19. Its like 30k blocks from the nether spawn, how would I get back if I did kill myself? I have a full inventory -_-
  20. do you have a chest and do you have 1k? put items in chest and lock it and go back.
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