i have a major problem

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  1. sometimes when i try to write on a sign, it will instantly delete what i write, help!!
  2. This is a minecraft error. Happens to me all the time.
  3. Same its really annoying but it has not happend recently
  4. I found this tends to happen when you have stuff going on under or around the sign, like very fast redstone circuits.
  5. This seems happens to me most of the time i place a sign but thats probably just me.
  6. this really helped. i stopped my circuits and it worked, thx!
  7. Also, if people walk around you while you place the sign that will happen again and again...
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  8. Yep I get that whilst at my shop :(
  9. one time i was writing a sign with this guy in a room that was bugging me, and i was writing and it deleted and all that was on the sign said "shut up" this was pretty scary, but i bet the guy was hacking, his name was like bubba or bubby something.
  10. @Meincravta if you find someone hacking, or if you suspect it, mash the F2 key and send a moderator the screenshot and note the time/server information. They will be able to review the situation and place the appropriate ban on the individual if it is found that they were, in fact, hacking.

  11. FYI, my Mac computer is a P.O.S. It doesn't even have a right click, making crafting almost impossible, all the F1-12 buttons have a use, like f2 is brightness, even though this is like the newest model. I hate my computer
  12. Use function-f2. And as for having no right click, get a new mouse. I play on a mac too, and it works just fine for me.
    P.S. Function is that little key at the bottom left of your keyboard that says "fn" on it.
  13. Yeah but pressing f2 is already a bummer imagine having to press fn and then f2
  14. Thanks, I'm gonna switch my mouse when i can with this gaming mouse on my old computer
  15. Ik, but as long as it stops pvpers
  16. I don't know how fast you guys type, but if you type 40 WPM like me, it's not an issue.