I have a good idea for EMC, Let me know what you think

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  1. Well i was thinking about when i cleared my 60x60 lot how much time it consumed and how boring and tedious it was (even though i paid many people to help). And again this is just a thought:

    I believe that you should be able to pay a certain amount of Rupees in order to get your lot cleared. I believe that in doing this, it would give people more time to create the many various different creations we have in EMC Today, and people wouldn't have to worry about clearing their enormous lot... Because let me tell you, it feels like a chore to have to clear that lot. I believe that in allowing people to pay a mod or whomever to pay to get their lot cleared would be beneficial to both the EMC world, and them self.

    Those who have had to do this know exactly how much work it takes, and those who haven't will soon know why i feel this way

    I bring this up because i have recently become a gold supporter, and do not want to go through the ridiculous work to get my lot firt removed (especially when its 4x bigger than my previous)

    Well i think that about sums it up, let me know what you think and try and spread this post around!

    Ps. By the amount of rupees i was thinking, 10-30K for a small lot, and 30-55K for a big lot (or something like that, high enough so there isn't a overwhelming # of people wanting to get dirt cleared)

    -Thanks for taking the time to read this, and i hope you feel the same as i do
  2. I think Justin is working on doing this for an update in the future :)

    Justin would say this:

    I reckon it would be a good perk to add to gold and diamond though :)
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  4. ^ See guys? What did I say he would say? ;)
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  5. I am training MR2R2M to be my clone.
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  6. :eek:Thats the first I have heard of this?:eek: Is this some secret project you are working on Justin?
  7. We all knew justin was a zebra! OR wait... I think... Nevermind.
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  8. Same as the
    i believe something went wrong and he had to tell you about it :)
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  9. If he is secretly training me as his clone, I don't think anything has gone wrong; it could be a way for him to spend more time with his family, in which case I humbly accept the training... when is the next lecture? ;)
  10. Maybe it's a science project he is starting for when Zoe need's it :p (sorry i don't have all those special characters :S)
  11. Zoe has probably inherited her fathers awesomeness naturally, no need for science experiments :)
  12. That's what Justin wants you to think xD
  13. Ooookay, lets get back on topic shall we?

    How much does everyone think that this feature should cost the user?
  14. I think MR2R2M is already in Justin's Avatar. See the little guy with such adoration. :D
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  15. So that's what his pic is all about :D
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  16. I think it's a lot better than the back half of that signature clip you have too. hahaha
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