I have a fifith res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Ummmm What? how?

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  2. Lol, did you type /res info. You ould find that someone just changed the Enter/Exit message to "elcome to %player's residence"
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  3. Wow that's weird, perhaps a bug in the system? I would send a bug report through starting a PM with the following: JackBiggin, AlexChance, Silken_Thread & eklektoi
  4. Or it could be that xD
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  5. And this was supposed to be a secret.
  6. No it wasn't, just not many people knew about it but it was never a secret
  7. I've had by res enter message like this for over a year, you sure about that? Haha
  8. That's my 4th res... awks.
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  9. No what the code was the seceret.
  10. No it isn't. lol
  11. I have more then you haha! :D
  12. I have 17 residences, just ask JackBiggin and Alexchance, they will hack you to have as many residences as you would like.
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  13. Ah. I get the pic now.
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