I have a dragonstone. and now ?

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  1. I have a dragonstone, and no its absolute not for sale.
    Not sure what todo with it, or with wich tool you can take it safe back into inventory.
    But sofar i know dragon stones are usefull later in wllderness.

    But what can you do more with a dragonstone ?
  2. They will be used to enter the Dragon Tombs...
  3. Be aware, there are 'fragments' and 'stones'. Kill enraged mobs, and there is a slim chance one fragment will drop. Collect nine fragments, and you can craft one 'dragon stone' on a crafting table.
    They indeed are tied into the dragon tombs, and because they are 'harder' to get, this stage of having these fragments was created ahead of the dragon tombs coming out.

    Now, how they exactly will work, this is still to be seen! We shall know this when the next stage comes!
    So, keep collecting them! The market seems to have put a price of 3500-4000 rupees per fragment.

    As for any other 'usefulness', not sure, but I will say that mine looks fab in item frames!
  4. For now i keep mine secure in locked chest in wilderness. yes i just got my last fragment, thats why i now crafted the dragonstone. its cool, want more, but fragments are really rare. Love enraged mobs to btw.
  5. Btw how much is a "Locked chest?"
  6. 1000 rupees for a chest double or single doesnt matter
  7. You get 500r back when you break it, so the total cost is really 500r for any period of time less than infinity.