I have 51,000 Rupees, and I'm buying diamonds in bulk

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  1. I will be purchasing stacks,
    and stacks...
    and stacks...
    ...of diamonds.

    I'll be buying diamonds for no more than 45 Rupees a piece, and I'll be buying hundreds of them.
    Do we have anyone selling diamonds for 45 Rupees interested in my offer?
  2. Just wondering, why do you want the diamonds?
  3. I invest in them for all purposes, from Tools to Decoration.
  4. You still have that many rupees?
  5. I had no idea I was being limited on my thread count.

    I'm pretty sure I can create them in the frequency that I choose, especially when I'm not abusing them.

    I know, they sorted it out.

    I've seen diamonds hit 45 before. I'm not buying them for 50. Someone along the way has plenty of diamonds they would be willing to sell for under 50 Rupees, I'm sure of it.

    Especially when I'm buying their full stock.

  6. It gets pretty spammy... Diamonds used to sell for 35r, now they are in high demand and sell for around 50r.

  7. I can tell you that barely anyone will sell you diamonds for 45r, even at 50r thats pushing it.

  8. Plenty of vendors sold diamonds for those prices in SMP 1. I'm really doubtful that it's going to be hard to find sellers under 50 Rupees.

    My sibling recently purchased 20-some diamonds at 45 a piece in SMP7's backwoods economy. It's not that unrealistic.

    If I created 15 in the same forum section that had no meaning, that would be spam. I was under the impression these were meant to be used.
  9. I know, I know, but, you should've PMed a staff member instead of making 6 threads all similar to the same thing. The thread about the admins was not needed.
  10. I've only created 4 threads, 2 of which were explanatory duplicate threads attempting to get the other 2 unlocked, and so that I could continue my conversation with the community.

    I did PM staff members. I've been working yesterday and today to get this ban lifted without any problems, and it worked out fine.

    I find it hard to believe those threads were inconveniencing anyone, in any way. If they were uninterested, they should have just left them alone. I'm not here to work around people's personal forum organization rules, I'm out to get things done to boost my EMC experience. :mad:

    But that's not why I've created this thread.

    I'm still looking for sellers of diamonds for under 50 Rupees.
  11. True, 45r a diamond was an average price.
    But that was about 6 months ago.
    now 55r apiece is about average.
    (at least in smp1)
  12. What would you pay for diamond blocks?
  13. That would be around the time I left, so I can credit that.
    I'll raise my standards 5 Rupees higher to 50 per diamond.
  14. 9 * 50 = 450
  15. Thats It though, 20 some diamonds isnt anywhere what it sounds like you want.

    You can think that it wasn't an inconvenience, but it depends on the person.
  16. yet another example of the fluctuating economy i was talking about in that other thread. this is why shop prices are so high
  17. She accumulated those in a little under 5 minutes just by asking around. I'm sure travelling to all servers, asking the same question, I would be able to gather at least a few hundred within an hour, especially in the larger servers.

    I'm just giving this a big "......."

    It's a large community, threads slip off the pages daily. If someone's angry I made two threads back to back, they seriously need to find something else to get passionately critical about.

  18. It's not that much of a fluctuation in terms of shop prices. They're still nowhere near shop prices.
  19. thats the point! they arent meant to be near shop prices!!! thats why im trying to get across to you! if diamonds sold for 60 per or even 80 per in /shop you likely would consider buying in bulk from there since few would be able to fill your order. instead its so ludicrously expensive that its beyond your expanded price range even at the levels you hope to buy.

    at the moment 25 percent off diamonds in /shop would be 75r per, while this is still expensive it is far closer to the 55+ they are going for currently then 100r
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  20. Well...
    I can say a few things about the price of diamonds currently.
    The average per diamond in a mega mall is around 52 rupees a pop.
    The average in small shops and marts is about 45 to maybe 48.
    He is not at all asking for a bad deal, I mean whoever sells them to him, either doesn't need them anymore, wants quick cash, or another reason.
    Mega malls exist to serve a very quick and easy way to get diamonds, however, with that, the demand is always high, and the stock depends on who sells. If I sell diamonds at 35 at say 413, and someone else buys some for 52, I am making a much better deal with this offer or selling them at small shops.
    It doesn't just depend on stock and demand, it also depends on, will I go out of my way to find the best deal for me, and the buyer.