I hate to be "That guy" but

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  1. I am in the Utopian wild. People are talking to me but they are to far away for me to respond. I read the Empire Guide chat section but I do not see anything that relates. Do I need to set a private chat channel? I'm sure the answer is there I just don't see it.

    Thank you, "That Guy"
  2. You are experiencing a bug with the chat system most likely...
    We need to know if you are using EMC UI, Improved Chat or just vanilla chat...
  3. Type /tell "playername" "msg"
    If you want to start a private conversation in game just type /tell "playername" and press enter, any following messages on chat will then be a private message
    /ch t is the town channel
    /ch l is the local channel, not sure of its range though
  4. Vanilla chat I believe. I am not confident enough in my Pc skills to download mods or upgrades. So, whatever minecraft gives me. :)
  5. Alright. What color is the text and what is the letter on the far left side that you are seeing?
    Are all your choices.... :)
  6. The tell (player name) (msg) comes up in purple. When people talk to me it is in white. I will try /ch 1. Thanks
  7. S and white
  8. Ok, that means they are in the Supporter channel.
    You can use /ch S to join supporter channel. ;)
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  9. Thanks Twitch. I often wondered what those letters ment.
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  10. Here is the rundown for you:
    T - Town
    L - Local
    S - Supporter
    Tell - Private Message
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