I hate delays......

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Was the 8$ a waste of money for the wifi?

OMG yus that could of gotten you gold if you had 2 more dollars 3 vote(s) 30.0%
Of corse not its wifi \o3o/ 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. So, I'm in one of the biggest airports, Chicago, and I have a 3+ hour delay. I just paid 8$ for their wifi. Yeah I'm not happy..... I'm about to drop 100$ for a phone and the least I need is another payment to make. Anyways, since I have one hour and 45 minutes at least until my flight, what are some cool things to do at an airport/ on wifi

    The not happy Minner
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  2. uh, play Minecraft? XD
  3. With internet anything is possible \(*v*)/
    You could try teaching yourself html on w3schools.com
    It is a lot easier than it sounds.
  4. I went on a wilderness trip, and I figured my MacBook would have no use in the wild :p
  5. Does that cost money? I know a little HTML
  6. Try to see how much it drains your iPod battery to try and connect. If you are in Honolulu with worlds crappiest wifi that is. My rate of data transfer there was 12 bytes per second. :(
  7. I'm at a charging station :p
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  8. GREAT WE CHANGED GATES! And the new gate has no charging station and wifi.... So I'm standing against a post to get my paid for wifi.
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  9. ^likes a million times.

    At Honolulu, there were two outlets next to each other, and one guy had like three MacBooks and an iPhone all charging at once. At least Boeing 767-202s have wall outlets in the seats…
  10. W3schools is completely free and has html, php, and pretty much anything else web related. You can find free tutorials for almost anything with google so you can teach yourself pretty much anything if you feel like learning.
  11. I'm minners brother we've been in the wilderness for 10 days we want to get home and sleep in our own beds the time changes by 2 hours we start school in 4 days and right now the earliest we are looking at getting home is 1 in the morning.... this flat out SUX
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  12. Back home :p 3 hours later than expected but home :)

    I'll be on MC 3 pm tomorrow EST :p
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