I hate creepers

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  1. So, I'm just making a short trip from one base to another; no big deal - down a safe corridoor.

    I'm taking a couple of picks - the good kind; Unb III Fortune III, and Unb III Silk.

    I don't need armour and stuff; hey, I'm only running down my own tunnel, to another base.

    But ooh, look, there's a couple of lapis ore - well, I have silk, I may as well grab 'em...

    Creeper behind it. Kaboom.

    Of course there's one spot of lava there...

    I run back, but of course it's all gone.

    Scratch 20K of picks... just because I can't resist a couple of bits of lapis.


    So...I am kitting up now. I have a 4-enchant sword around here somewhere... Prot IV armour, and a power-V inf bow.

    This is me, later;


    Vid is related.

  2. I don't really mind.

    I mean - I do... because that's a lot to lose, even for me.

    But OTOH, I don't, because it was "fair" - my own dumb fault; part of the game.

    I'll just head out, and get the 10-stacks of diamonds that it'll take to replace 'em.

    It's the "glitchy" deaths that I can't stand.

    This sort of thing is totally just part of the game. So "grr, this is hard" sure - but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be fun.

    I'll get 'em next time.
  3. (maybe "I don't mind" isn't *quite* the right expression because - as ICC knows - I've spent about 20+ hours "grinding" to get that silk pick. But... yep, it is 'fair', I have no appeal, except to the Gods-that-like-to-giggle-at-us.)
  4. Been there- done that. I have a wonderful story. One time I was mining *whistle a happy tune*. I come along a Small lava pool. I go to grab my bucket of water, when accidentally grab my Fortune Super high level pick (which I had crafted a couple days earlier. And press Q. And as my beautiful pick falls into the lava- I do the only sensible thing, I jump in after it thinking I can save it. I immediately realize my mistake; and quickly log out. After I calm down a bit I log back in and am able to dig a whole away from the lava so I don't lose everything.
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  5. Bad luck to the max herbrin3
  6. <**>It happens.

    It would be boring if was too easy.

    I just liked that video, really :)
  7. P.S.

    Buy some nice enchanted picks/swords/spades/etc, SMP9 19000

    Then I'll have enough cash to go and show 'em who is boss :)
  8. We all hate creepers. In my single player world, I spent a whole day caving, found alot of redstone iron and about 16 diamonds. Of course, I don't go back to my 'checkpoint' to store the stuff. So I see about 7 pieces of redstone ore and mine it all with my fortune pick.

    Then a creeper's legs are on the other side and it explodes. It kills me because I forgot to swap my iron armour kit for a new one ;) I then couldn't find my stuff. By the time I do found the site of the explosion the stuff despawned because that was about 2 months later. XD
  9. Done that.
  10. But.. they're so cute.

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  11. I don't get why everyone practically worships creepers. They don't want hugs. What they want is to:
    • Blow up your house
    • Make you lose uber-valuable stuff
    • Take all your diamonds
    • Blast you into lava to (see bullet point 2)
    • Distract you so skeletons can shoot you
    • Leave holes in the landscape that make it difficult to build.
    Therefore, creepers live for the sole purpose of being annoying. Yet, on Minecraft online stores, all it is is creeper this, creeper that.
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  12. Minecraft has armor for a reason. :) Never leave home without it.
  13. Nah, you've got it wrong. They're just misunderstood.
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  15. There's nothing to BE misunderstood. They want to blow you and your stuff up, plain and simple.