I had some extra wool

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  1. ha nice bro dose the creep come with real exploding action
  2. Awesome!!!!
  3. Those are amazing. Nice work. :D
  4. Thanks everyone :D i'm planning on making some more in the near future.
  5. Cool :D i quess you didn't have extra wool, but you had extra rupees :D
  6. Thats just supersweet! :D
  7. I actually gathered all the wool by myself. i just had to buy some of the stuff to make the dyes and stuff haha.
  8. Awesome! I freakin' love the creeper!
  9. lol @ the player staring up in awe at the flower. :p
  10. Haha just noticed that too!
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  11. do a nyan cat and i'll kill you.
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