I guess i will be like everyone else!

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  1. Im jkjkjk182.
    My likes include
    • Computers
    • Minecraft
    • Anything Fallout
    • Tennis
    • Airsoft
    • Math
    • Science
    My strong points in school are math and science, i suck at spanish and English. I tend to defend myself without thinking, i tend to use sarcasm a lot too. I enjoy debating, as long as rumors arent being used.

    Most importantly i love EMC and i will always try to make suggestions to help improve it.
    Also, i tend to accidentally make enemies easily, so if you find me to be [anything bad], please state that and why so that i may improve myself:)

    Also, i am not new:)
  3. Welcome!
    Ow, wait. *facedesk*
    Anyways: espero que mejores tus notas en español, la verdad no es tan dificil si te acostumbras!
  4. Just to let you know how bad my spanish is, i almost replied "por favor" thinking that it meant "thank you"...:)
  5. Anyone else?:)
  6. lol. "Por favor" is Please and Thank you is "gracias" :D
  7. What does burrito, taco, taquito, tostado and enchilada mean in Spanish
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  8. Actually, there is no traduction for those words.
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  9. Sorry to correct your English, but it's 'translation'. Stupid incognitive verbs.
  10. Did he seriously think I meant that? WOW
  11. Welcome. Oh and air soft is so fun!
  12. Welcomes :)
  13. Welcome

    Hope that you will enjoy EMC and I would kick your ass in airsoft :p
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  14. Oh how I love the ability to right click on google chrome and click Translate to english.
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  15. Hello hello! Welcome to EMC, I'm sure you'll love it here. It's basically the best Minecraft community out there. :D I tend to infuse sarcasm jokingly into a lot of my text, so...yeah, just a fair warning. :p Enjoy the server and the forums!
  16. lol because you've been here for months and people act as if you're seriously just now sigining up.

    oh the joys of people... it makes you think that a single sentence is hard to read fully. :D

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