I got robbed. please help

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  1. yesterday (30 dec 2011) i hired "jjcool37" to build obsidian generator for 100 rupees. because he said he know how. but it didnt work anyway. He told me he need build and container permission so he could get my lava bucket. then i checked the chest. my stuff was still there except lava bucket which i know he gonna use it. Then he said he need more lava so i went to the nether to get more. When i come back i didn't check my chest again ( I should have check it! D: ) I alse set his permission to false after this point. And today I checked it. I noticed i lost 48 diamond and 8 stack of redstone and 2 stack of gold. Can someone help me please. I'm sure it was him.
  2. Do the server have inventory log of yesterday and today. inventory log of me "nnnnmc1" and "jjcool37"
  3. I'm sorry, but we can't give back items that were taken after a person gave another person permissions. Doing so would create a full time job for people researching complaints like this to be sure if they were legit or not. One of the reasons we have the Town permission system is so things like this don't happen. Twitch1, I believe it was, put it best in another thread. Treat your residence like it were your home. If you wouldn't give a person the key to your home, you probably shouldn't give them permission on your lot.

    My best suggestion seems like it was already done, by removing his permissions to your residence for the person you think took it.
  4. 2 stack of gold, 48 diamonds, where did you get that...

    -sorry if i am wrong
  5. That doesn't seem like a lot really. I know of plenty of legit players with that or more.
  6. You seen Lassia?
    Person has 10 diamond blocks.

    If only we could all be so lucky.
  7. You can only blame yourself, NEVER give strangers container permission. RED FLAG. Let this be a lesson to all people who arent used to playing games in a MMO setting. There are some honest people online, but when things like this happen it can change your whole outlook on the majority. If your wanting to build a generator the best advice is youtube it, and do it yourself.
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  8. Thanks for reply. I'll just go find new ores. and that diamond. well someone on SMP1 sell it for 10 rupees each. lol. so many people go buy all his stuff. haha.
  9. i have a stack of diamond blocks
  10. I call hax.