I got my Eagle Scout award!

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  1. Hey guys just letting you know. ( I know you don't care.) I just earned my Eagle Scout award. It has been a long journy but it was worth it. If you guys were ever in scouts or got your Eagle... why not post here and say.
    <Awesome sideways picture of my award!
  2. Congratulations. Make sure you put it on your resume. What was your final project?
  3. Making and installing 50 Blue bird boxes in local parks.
  4. I think I made it to first class. My troop only had about 4 guys in it. Its been a long time. I still have the love for backpack camping. I go about twice a year in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.
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  5. I quit scouts after 2nd grade because learning how to tie knots and play football for hours on end got incredibly boring... My brother seems to like it though, and he's almost a Star Scout.
  6. Yeah I think backpack camping is the best! Hiking to a mountain top is always fun too.
    Tell him to stick with it! It is defiantly worth the effort.
  7. Congrats! I made it to Life and then got too busy with sports & school to get to Eagle. I credit Boy Scouts (as well as a push from my Dad) for my love of the outdoors. What you did is an accomplishment and you should be proud! Congrats again. :)
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